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Being Spiritual in a Material World

Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey or you've been on it for some time, here's five points you should remember:

1. Keep an open mind and heart

As Australia's Little River Band sang back in the seventies: "There are many paths up the mountain but the view from the top is still the same."

So it is with spirituality. Many people begin with an interest in elements around them - UFOs, the supernatural or fortune telling - and later consider things within - meditation, natural healing or higher knowledge.

On your quest for enlightenment, you will meet many weird and wonderful spiritual people and modalities. Like life, some will work for you and some will not. But it's important to keep your heart open as well as your mind.

The best way to perceive the truth for you is not just to analyze but to consider your feelings. This is the first step toward working with your innate spiritual or psychic gifts. Always trust your feelings.

"True religion is real living; living with all one's soul,
with all one's goodness and righteousness."
Albert Einstein

2. Stay Spiritually Cleansed

We live in a dynamic and often negative environment, so it sometimes can be hard to remain spiritual and positive when seemingly everything around you is the opposite. It's important to practice one of the many spiritual cleansing techniques available. Staying spiritual cleansed will help buffer your aura, keeping negative energy at bay, and also allowing you to have clearer communication with your guardian angels.

3. Keep Your Personal Power

When looking for solutions or solace in your life, it can be tempting to find someone who will take away the pain or show you the way.

You will always attract to yourself people or circumstances - lessons you need to learn - in your life. But you need to also learn the difference between a 'teacher' and a 'guru'.

A teacher can help show you the way, but will never insist that this is the only way. A good teacher will help you on the path to further knowledge and help you to do things for yourself, leaving you personally responsible for your own progress, thoughts and beliefs.

It's important to hold on to your personal power and your free will. That, after all, is the reason you are here: to learn your lessons, rather than hand over responsibility to another person.

Learn what you can from a teacher and when you are ready another will cross your path to teach you more. You will also find yourself teaching others who are starting their spiritual journey.

Ask your Higher Self and your spirit guides to help you find knowledge and wisdom. They will help direct you to people and situations from which you can learn. Also note that not all 'teachers' are people. A wonderful book may come your way or you may discover something profound on the Internet; a channelled message, direct spiritual contact or even a life-changing experience may be your 'teacher'.

4. Remember the Universal Laws


'What goes around comes around' . . . 'reap what you sow' - whether the creed is old or new, Karma is a Universal Law - it is part of the on-going cycles of life in the universe.

All life forms are connected to each other in a subtle web, so if you do harm to another, it comes back to you. It may be in a different form, it may be immediate or even in a different life but it comes back. Realizing this fact is part of your awakening because you have to take personal responsibility for your actions. Not only should the enlightened person not start any negative action, but harder still is not perpetuating actions that are already in progress, such as revenge.

By 'turning the other cheek', you will find yourself becoming more calm, enlightened, loving - and lucky - because you aren't constantly bringing bad vibes on yourself.

Also, don't forget that you don't have to wait to react to bad vibes. You can send out good vibes any time you like and find that good things start to happen to you. Try sending love and light to someone who doesn't like you and see what a difference it makes.

Like Attracts Like

This law is also very important. Have you ever wondered why the same sort of people are attracted to each other? It's usually because they are all vibrating at about the same rate. When you say a certain person is 'on a different wavelength', you are probably right.

One of the difficult things about starting a spiritual journey is finding you have less and less in common with partners, friends and family. It's nice when they take an interest, or are at least open-minded about what you're learning but sometimes people are so afraid of what they don't understand that they can even become hostile to it.

If this happens try letting them read some material or meet your new friends - they may just be concerned for your welfare or worry that you've joined a cult. Also try sending them white light from your heart to strengthen the relationship, as demonstrated in the Environmental Cleanse exercise.

One of the positive things you will find is that you will attract new friends who are interested in the same things you are. These friendships too may come and go, because everyone is growing at a different rate and people are attracted to each other while they are on the same 'wavelength' and drift apart when the wavelength alters. The more people you come into contact with, the more you will learn.

The important thing to remember with these universal laws is that the more genuine love that you send out - the more comes back to you - your vibrational rate rises and you attract more love and enlightened beings to help and teach you. You gradually resolve negative karma and increase your knowledge and skills that can be used to help others and another wonderful cycle begins.

5. Respect Yourself

Above all else, remember that the most beautiful temple on Planet Earth is within each of us. Respect yours by nurturing your body and mind, and caring for yourself and all life.