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Reiki Relief (self healing remedies)

Often physical illness is the result of dis-ease in a person's mind-body-spirit system.

Reiki is an intelligent energy that can assist a person to find balance and harmony in their life - at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The following is a snapshot of ailments and their metaphysical cause. Reiki can assist in easing or resolving each of these complaints. If pain persists, please consult your physician.


Everything happens to us for a reason, including accidents. This are brought about by ourselves to help us question our present course.

When you find the inner reason for the accident, analyze the problem and work on resolving it. You will gain great insights and help propel yourself along your spiritual path.


An allergy is an over-reaction by the body to something which is recognized as an invader. Fighting a self-created enemy is an act of aggression, an unconscious fight against an area of life we are afraid of and do not want. Resistance is the opposite of love; love means accepting and becoming one. The substance which triggers an allergic reason is a symbol of the area of life you are avoiding and unconsciously fighting.

Look at the areas of your life you are with which you are in conflict. You will come to realize that nothing is good or bad unless you make it that way.

Back Pain

The back represents support issues. Back problems indicate you feel overburdened and unwilling to admit it. You may also feel like you do not receive enough support.

• Upper Back pain represents lack of emotional support. You may hold back love and affection.
• Middle Back pain represents guilt from the past (eg "get off my back").
• Lower Back pain represents feelings of lack of financial and material support. Fear of the future with regard to money.

Open yourself up to love and support from the universe, instead of relying on your small, limited ego. Give love and trust to others, and you will receive them many times over in return.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood against the inner walls of the blood vessels, especially of the arteries during different phases of contraction of the heart.

High Blood Pressure arises when you haven't expressed your thoughts and emotions over a long period of time. You are constantly living on the brink of conflict, without coming to any kind of conclusion; under constant pressure.

Low Blood Pressure is cause by trying to avoid facing problems. It occurs when you have a lack of vital energy, stamina and cannot assert yourself. It can also indicate an attempt to avoid sexuality.

Look at the forces within you. Do not pass judgment. If you are honest and face your problems, you will find a new calmness (high) or renewed energy (low).

Bulimia or Bulimia Nervosa

This is caused by a hunger for life, love and emotional nourishment. There is a feeling of emptiness inside which you desperately try to fill. You may be insecure and afraid of loss.

Learn to accept and love yourself as you are; you'll find it easier to open the limitations of your ego and take in spiritual nourishment. Know that there is an inexhaustible source of love and fulfillment, and it's inside you.


Anger, self-consumption; a desire to destroy the life force by totally turning away from the "I Am" (God-Self); absence of self-love. The cosmic fire does not feed the Root Chakra and is distinctly disrupted by the emotions of remorse, fear and internalized anger stemming from deep-rooted and long-term issues of the ego, yet unresolved by forgiveness.

To not deal with these issues, holds the pattern for the energy to destroy life force. True forgiveness is complete and healing will result.

Colds & Flu

A stagnant conflict is loosening up. Look at colds and the flu as a cleansing of your body. Your body is purging the toxic chemicals from drugs, food, air, water, cigarettes, alcohol that you continually ingest.

Bless this time of purification as it will allow you to be in continuing good health. Let the body rest; healing will be faster.


This often has to do with greediness, stinginess, wanting to hold on to things (usually material possessions). You may also have difficulty letting go of old ideas and may repress problems, fearing the outcome if they were to surface. You must learn to let go.

Allow life to flow through you and you will find the security and riches you are seeking within. Your true sustenance comes from God (source of life, love, oneness) and not from outside sources (money, relationships, status).

Death and the Dying Process

One of our most important life processes is that of dying (change of consciousness). Your physical living body is in a continual process of cycles of birthing and dying (cells, hair). Your emotional body is in various stages of birthing and dying emotions. So, too, are your thoughts (mental) as well as each level of your being, according to its nature.

The dying process represents leaving the movie or game of life - your soul has learned all it can in this lifetime, and will return in the form of another body when it is time.


This indicates a wish for love, paired with the inability to let oneself be loved. Hyperacidity is the result; those who do not love, turn sour. You are lacking in the sweetness of life and yearn for the love you are unable to give.

Don't wait for an imaginary life partner; let love in and all around you. Let go of the past and accept that fun, love and affection are fundamental basics of life.

Fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

This can be caused by a possible closing down of the Throat Chakra level, creating an energy block. You may experience a total lack of motivation overshadowed with justifications of probable failure.

Emotional stimulation with an objective and goal is needed. Usually caused by dissatisfaction with and dwelling on circumstances and situations in the present (or past) and projecting the hopelessness into the future.

Heart Problems

Indicates heartlessness, hard-heartedness and doing things half-hearted. These characteristics are the result of protracted emotional life and a fight for survival. Ask yourself if your head, heart, intellect and emotions are in balance. Do you live with all your heart? Are you able to question your heart freely or do you need to become ill first?

Live by your heart (feelings of love) and you won't need to have any heart problems.


The lungs symbolize the idea of freedom and communication, which you are trying to conjure up by smoking. However, your wishes become more and more nebulous in the process.

Become aware of what you want, then you can create it in your life. Genuine communication can only take place in an atmosphere of clarity. Have the courage to communicate with life whole-heartedly.


This relates to fear. A strong belief that you are not good enough. What is eating away at you? Emotionally being eaten away by holding in anger and unpleasant thought-forms.

You need to come to the understanding of where the stress is that is disrupting your harmony, and release it via some creative outlet.

A comprehensive list of common ailments, their metaphysical causes and Reiki treatments is included in the Reiki Level II manual available free with the Meanwell Reiki II training workshop.