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is a spiritual centre that helps people help themselves.

Our web site offers a variety of spiritual information, tips and techniques to get you started, including:

• Holistic hints and tips
• Metaphysical information
• Spiritual Secrets
• Links

We also have a range of articles, interviews and images inspired by the international bestseller,
Thiaoouba Prophecy, a most important book for these challenging times. Click on the 'Thiaoouba' link on the left for more info.

And finally, you can choose from our variety of holistic products and services designed to enhance your body, mind and soul:

* Guided Meditation CDs
* Experiential Workshops
* Spiritual Books and CDs


Your aura is a bioenergy field that constantly
surrounds your physical body.
It's a small part of the real 'hidden' you.

Learn about it here.

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