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Meanwell Products and Services

offers a variety of 'soulutions' - holistic products and services to improve your life (see ordering details at bottom of page).

You can choose from:

'Soul Fest' workshops

This series of workshops is designed to empower people with different skills and knowledge to assist them in their life's journey. They are based on many years research and knowledge garnered from various Eastern and Western sources.

Workshops include instruction on:

• Developing your latent abilities
• The truth about the soul
• Mysteries of Earth and beyond
• Meditation for every day living
• Time management
• Goal setting
• Problem solving
• Prosperity
• Energy healing (certificate courses in Reiki I and II)
• Dreams
• Seeing auras
• Astral traveling

One day and weekend workshops are conducted regularly in Melbourne. They're experiential, educational and lots of fun.

Contact us for a calendar of upcoming events and individual costs.

• From AUD $85 (depending on course duration)

Thiaoouba Products

Meanwell offers products and services inspired by the golden planet of Thiaoouba. These include the international bestseller by Michel Desmarquet, a unique workshop based on the author's teachings as well as an exclusive series of interviews with Michel.

'Thiaoouba Prophecy' book

Originally published as Abduction to the 9th planet, this is a true report by Michel Desmarquet who was abducted from his home in Cairns, Australia in 1987.

This best-selling book, which has already been translated into a dozen languages, amazes anyone who dares to read it, including scientists.
Thiaoouba Prophecy offers a broad range of metaphysical knowledge and teachings for living, based on Michel's extraordinary experience. These include:

• 1.3 million years of past civilizations on Earth
• Space Travel by Trans-substantiation
• Conscious Reincarnation
• Big Bang, Creation and Evolution
• Astral Travel, Telepathy, Levitation
• The Astral Body (Soul) and its significance
• Knowledge & sciences lost on Earth
• Bermuda Triangle and our Parallel Universe
• Great Pyramid as a cosmic tool

• Book = AUD $35 (inside Australia)
• Book = AUD $40 (outside Australia)

Click here to order. (see bottom of page for order details)

'Thiaoouba Revealed' workshops

Pictured is
Michel Desmarquet (middle), author of 'Thiaoouba Prophecy' with Michael and Yianna Meanwell, the only people authorized to lecture on his important work.

presents an exclusive series of lectures, based on Michel Desmarquet's personal teachings. Thiaoouba Revealed is a range of dynamic and informative spiritual workshops held regularly in Melbourne.

It's a must for spiritual people and anyone who wants to know the truth about their purpose in this life. The workshops feature:

* In-depth knowledge about a variety of metaphysical subjects

* Detailed explanation of Universal Law principles which govern all aspects of life

* Practical techniques for improving your life and increasing your evolution

* Two-way discussions in a fun, relaxed and exciting environment.

Thiaoouba Revealed is a unique series which expands on all of the major topics addressed in Michel Desmarquet's book, and includes special techniques the author learned on Thiaoouba that have not been revealed publicly.

Some of the topics covered include:

• Who is God?
• Reincarnation and Life after Death
• Categories of Evolution
• Intelligent Life on other Planets
• Destiny & Free Will
• Soul Mates
• Deja Vu
• How to communicate with your Higher Self
• The Great Pyramid - a cosmic tool
• The Bermuda Pyramid - a parallel universe
• The Real You (your Astral Body - Soul)

Call us on (03) 9877 9303 or email us for more details and bookings.

At this time, Meanwell is only conducting these workshops in Melbourne, however we have plans to present this in other parts of Australia and on video in the near future. Email us if you're interested in purchasing a video of this presentation.

Workshop Cost:
• AUD $95

Contact us for a calendar of upcoming events.

'Thiaoouba Truth' author interviews

Thiaoouba Truth is an exclusive set of six, half-hour interviews with Michel Desmarquet, conducted by Michael Meanwell. These insightful discussions cover all the major issues featured in his amazing book and are explained in an easy-to-understand, conversational manner.

Topics include:

• The truth about UFOs
• Ancient, advanced civilizations on Earth
• Earth's mysteries revealed
• Destiny versus Free Will
• The role of the Higher Self
• Soul Secrets
• Space Travel
• Life on the Golden Planet
• Who is God?
• Conscious Reincarnation
• Big Bang, Creation and Evolution
• Astral Travel, Telepathy, Levitation
• The Astral Body (Soul) and its significance
• Knowledge & sciences lost on Earth
• Bermuda Triangle and our Parallel Universe
• Great Pyramid as a cosmic tool

• 3 CD set = AUD $55 (inside Australia)
• 3 CD set = AUD $65 (outside Australia)

Click here to order. (see bottom of page for order details)

Meanwell Meditation & Relaxation CDs

We offer a range of meditative journeys which show you how to meditate and practice visualization. They feature step-by-step techniques on using positive affirmations, problem solving, goal setting and self healing to improve your health and well being.

Each Meanwell Meditation CD features a 45-minute exercise beginning with a deep breathing technique that relaxes and prepares you for a guided journey. You will learn simple procedures for relieving stress, addressing specific issues in your life and promoting well being in all facets of your everyday living.

Each meditation is accompanied by inspirational music composed, arranged and performed by internationally renowned musician, Geoff Healey.

The range includes:

Affirmations for Everyday Living takes you within to your favorite beach to use positive thought to lift your self esteem and gain success in various facets of your life.

Problem Solving for Everyday Living travels to your favorite lake where you can reflect on problems and discover how to resolve them in your life. You will learn how to visualize real scenarios and correct old imperfections, replacing them with images of success.

Goal Setting for Everyday Living sojourns to your favorite forest where you can set goals. You have the ability to achieve anything you can conceive, simply by setting goals and working toward them.

Energy Healing for Everyday Living journeys within, enabling you to become aware of the energy centers that naturally flow throughout your body. Through the power of visualization, you have the tools to correct any imbalances, restore depleted energies and send healing energy to both yourself and loved ones.

These profound experiences will leave you revitalized, stress free and ready to tackle life's challenges.

• CDs = AUD $35 each (inside Australia)
• CDs = AUD $45 each (outside Australia)

Click here to order. (see bottom of page for order details)

Order Details:

Australian customers, please specify the product and mail a cheque or money order payable to "Meanwell", including your contact details. Products will be shipped within three (3) working days of receipt of payment.

International customers, please
email your order and we will offer alternative payment options via credit card or wire transfer. Products will be airmailed within three (3) working days of receipt of payment.

P.O. Box 21
Forest Hill, Victoria 3131
Tel / Fax (03) 9877 9303