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The experience that changed
Michel Desmarquet's life

At half past midnight on 26 June 1987, Michel Desmarquet watched himself dress and write a note to his wife, saying he would be away for about 10 days.

He was then drawn out to the garden and into a bluish light where upon he was lifted up into a space craft and 'trans-substantiated' to the most advanced planet in our galaxy: Thiaoouba (pronounced "tye-ho-va").

So begins Michel Desmarquet's non-fiction book, 'Thiaoouba Prophecy' (originally published as 'Abduction to the 9th Planet'), and his extraordinary nine-day journey to the golden plane populated by a race of three-meter tall, highly-evolved hermaphrodites.

Born in France in 1931, Michel joined the French Army soon after completing high school and spent eight years in French Equatorial Africa. After leaving the army, he had a variety of occupations ranging from managing plantations and landscaping gardens in Africa to several sales roles in France.

He moved to Australia in 1972, eventually settling in Cairns and building his home and establishing the property where he had his ET contact.

Interstellar Guardians

The people of Thiaoouba claim to have been watching Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and from time to time they have helped us in our evolution.

They showed and proved to Michel mankind's origin, our purpose on Earth, the purpose of reincarnation, what our astral body is made of, the truth about our higher self and God as well as the colonization of Earth by races from other planets.

Trip of a Lifetime

Michel travelled to several planets, witnessing everything from post nuclear war devastation on a dying planet to the majesty of life on Thiaoouba, a planet billions of years ahead of us in conscious and technological evolution.

He has seen the bodies of about 200 different races of ET beings, of which some are at a similar level of evolution as our planet (ie low on the evolutionary scale). Some ET beings have similar bodies to ours and others not. Many of them visit Earth for various reasons.

The Facts of Life

'Thiaoouba Prophecy' details Michel's many experience and also features a variety of references to the Bible, geological time, scientific principles and metaphysical facts that he did not have the education or training to express.

After returning from his sojourn, Michel began writing his book which he completed in 1989. Despite initial difficulties in gaining publication, Abduction to the 9th Planet has gained worldwide acceptance as one of the most important books of our time.

Previously published in Australia as Thiaoouba Prophecy, it has been reprinted several times and also translated into Greek, Japanese, Spanish and Hebrew.

The Japanese translation, which was released in September 1997, sold out in two months. The Greek translation, released in 1998, reads better than the English version because many of the words have meanings from ancient Greece. A Hebrew version will be launched in Israel soon, with the Russian and Polish versions in progress and other translations to follow in the near future.